Have you been having vivid, lucid dreams like never before? Feeling exhausted and not able to sleep, even dreading going to bed?  It may not be insomnia, but Ascentia…

Welcome to the time of Ascension, the Golden Age is coming.  Recent global chaos brought by extreme weather, climatic changes and financial upheaval are the first signs that our world and consciousness are changing. Thin about it! The Earths’ magnetic poles are shifting, this is a scientific documented FACT. Is that enough information to begin to ask questions or believe  Mother Earth [GAIA] are bringing her inhabitants to a come to Jesus chat? This chat will not be online, or over your Vente Latte in a stuffed chair by the fireplace of your comfy coffee house.  This one on one will be through personal trials and challenging situations that only the courage of a lion, a firm grip on your awareness, and a personal insurance protection plan to see you through.

WE sleepers must awaken, come out of our lethargy and take part in your own Ascension process. How do you do that? With every ounce of gratitude and appreciation you can muster! As many times as you think of something negative counter act that thought with little the scrubbing power of bubbles of  love. Love for your family, neighbors, community, air, clean water ect… Clean the toilet in your mind and pay attention to your thoughts because thoughts are energy and can manifest your fears or wishes.  Remain in the state of gratitude when faced with adversity. Do the mental training of finding that place again and again,  as a rubber band would snap on your wrist. This is your vibration, the higher your appreciation the higher your vibration.  A vibrational tune up will bring your awareness to the  levels of light existences.  Tom Kenyon’s web sight has some interesting information and is the catalyst to my blog and astrology work. Be sure to enjoy the MP3 download of the PINEAL GLAD attunement.

Studies done on frequency changes in the atmosphere and from the earth show that our rates of frequency are increasing. The Shuman Resonance study has the scientific facts to show our frequency transformation. You  KNOW we humans have been living at the speed of fax and bandwidth for some decades,  still the need to be faster, smarter, smoother, new and improved! Now with more productive power than our competition! has been the industrial fight song. After months  and years of dancing to this tune our “matter” bodies get worn out. Many of us just leave our bodies to get relief from the stress and disease of the dance. Drugs and alcohol deaden the anxiety some feel because of generational patterns or mental illness that keep their minds imprisoned by false realities.

Consider this:  Is global warming a result of the ozone layer disintegrating?  Could we be creating our new habitat that our “KA” (subtle energy bodies) will better thrive in?

What are your personal blocks to ascension? Will that little voice that is your real self be heard ? The tune that accompanies this voice is your truth. Find it. Let me help you with a personal astrology reading to see what the stars say about your  souls’  purpose.

Let your little light shine as the beacon of your heart and mind connected in love.

Susan Collins

Astrologer and Development Consultant