Poor black Moon Lilith. She has the worst reputation. Sumerian goddess, Adams harlot, Kali, serpent. She is your ‘wild woman’ and she has legendary claws.

Many people have never heard of Lilith, who or what she is.

Black Moon Lilith is a triple goddess in Astrology. She is an asteroid, fixed star and a geographical position of the moon cycle. You should keep an eye on her, as she resides in the shadow of your natal wheel and is often passed over by astrologers. You will find her as the half moon with the cross below. Her position in your natal chart will tell you about your shadow side depending on which sign and house placement.

Studying the phases of the moon is a kin to a self study of your emotions in Astrology. Each month the moon cycle follows this pattern: Black Moon Lilith, a time of deep intuition, magic and peak time for meditation. Her energy immediately precedes the new moon by 3 days.

The new moon is a two week energy phase that is beneficial to you as the time to make a wish and initiate action on the start a new project or relationship.

Full moon: The time to release or end old energy patterns, and make room for the new. Moon phases have special meaning and energies for your use depending on the sign which ‘expresses’ the energy and the ‘how’ from the house it visits each month

The geographical position of ‘Black Moon Lilith’ is a shadow location of the moon’s orbit around the earth. It is the phase when the moon is farthest away from the Earth, called APOGEE.

The asteroid ‘Black Moon Lilith’, resides in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are primordial objects left over from the formation of the Solar System. Female astrologers like to bring Black Moon Lilith into the zodiac mix to “represent” the astrological yang (female power) of which the Moon, Venus, Earth comprise.

As a fixed star, Black Moon Lilith is also referred to as AGOL, the most evil of the stars and pictured as the head of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. She is viewed as the ‘fourth dimension’ here.

Why do you need to know about Lilith?

Her legend is strong and written in the skies, along with gods, goddesses, and heroes. Her story is your story. Her energy is even more relevant to you today as women seek equality in relationships and a balance to the patriarchal energy at this time on Earth.

Here are a few versions of her legendary story that date back to the beginning of our human mythology. The first mention of Lilith was in the Dead Sea scrolls. In the Sumerian culture, she first appeared about 5,000 years ago.  She was the “handmaid” to the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heavens. Lilith lived in the sacred huluppu tree that Inanna planted in her holy garden, accompanied by the snake who cannot be charmed and the wild Anzu-bird and her young. These creatures are part of Lilith’s untamed nature and have knowledge to give Inanna, who is not yet ready to accept it. So Inanna calls in her brother, Gilgamesh, to cut down the tree. The serpent was killed, the Anzu-bird and its family flew off to the mountains, and Lilith departs for the wilderness.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew story of Lilith goes something like this:

Lilith was the first woman in the Garden of Eden and the first wife of Adam. She came before Eve. God created her from the same clay and thereby equal to Adam. When Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam, she left the Garden of Eden in a fit of rage. She fled to the caves near the red sea. (At his point in the legend, Lilith was clearly a human being). After she arrived at the Dead Sea, Lilith supposedly took up with various demons and gave birth to 100 little devils a day.

God sent three angels to bring Lilith back to Adam. First the angels asked, and when she refused they threatened to kill her children every day until she returned.

Lilith refused again, so submissive Eve came about. Lilith became jealous and angered, and returned into the Garden of Eden as a serpent (the other woman) where she tempted Eve to eat the apple.

Lilith was demonized for not being submissive. Repression, anger and feeling the scorn of rejection, castration, inhibition, powerlessness of the psyche is her dark side, the claws of the caged tigress.

For centuries human beings lived in fear of her curses. Women hung amulets with the names of angels to keep her from strangling their babies in the night. Lilith’s curse on men was to give them wet dreams to sap their strength.

To know where Lilith resides in your chart is to know your ‘wild woman’, your independent, untamed self. To know this shadow creates an opening for the void to be filled with the light of illumination. Call it your sword of truth and acceptance of your shadow self. When you bring it to the light it isn’t all that bad, in fact it’s HUMAN.

What is your dark side? How does Black Moon Lilith affect you? If you know where to look in your chart you will find her hiding place. Wild eyed and tangle haired she has a powerful message for you.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

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