Hi,  My name is Susan Collins. I am an Astrologer, student of Psychology and human behavior.  I have years of training from a global training company in Leadership, Sales, Personal Coaching, Speaking, Facilitating, Negotiations  and winner of top sales awards. This training helps me guide clients in the right direction for success.  Success I have found does not mean MONEY. Over the years people have come to me when they are at turning points in their life or struggling with change or with relationships. People want to know the future and hope for a better one. HOPE is not a good strategy.

I use  astrology charts as a tool,  like a “profile”.  Many big companies use complicated profiling systems that include algorithms, math and double innuendo questions. They employ these methods for their profit. Your personal astrology chart does the same thing. With YOUR chart YOU profit from the information contained in the reports.

Your astrology chart  is a snap shot of the heavens at the time you were born. We will use this to help facilitate growth.   Soul growth and personal growth do not come easily. This is why we walk the earth path to get to the higher plains of existence. Many of the people I work with are referred to me or find me because this is important to them. I’ve earned the right to do this work. Continual learning and development are my principals..

I  am a passionate explorer of  “being”.   I started looking at the sky for answers instinctively because  I understand the language of the universe. This is my gift at birth.  I’ve done the work and cultivated my  intuition and knowing, which adds to the accuracy of  reading the chart.  I look to the stars for answers within because I believe we are made from the same matter yet vibrate at a different frequency.  I’m going to talk allot about frequency and vibration in the future,  quantum theory and scientific fact are here to back me up.

Do you ever ask yourself what and who you are? Are you satisfied with the one-dimensional meat puppet view of yourself? Why are we disconnected  to each other? Is that little voice in your head, your feelings and emotions a language you can’t interpret or unacceptable to you because of your conditioning from your youth or religion?

It has been my journey to explore what animates this bag of bones, skin and fluids we inhabit. It has been challenging and exciting! When people discover their own personal power, they no longer navigate by external stimulus. Opinion of “other” is no longer a compass to find joy in life. I enjoy living my life according to my values, my truth, my heart and courage to be different.  I  free myself from generational behavior patterns that no longer serve me.  It first began with knowing myself and that’s the biggest,  juiciest adventure one can ever have.

I’m interested in people and how we are wired. I want to know what makes one person succeed through adversity while others may be crushed permanently by lesser stimulus. I live to hear stories and understand perspectives, observe energy from one being to the next and enjoy unconscious behavior.  From finding and being my authentic self, life unfolds and doors open that lead me to new and exciting people, places and thoughts.

If you’ve never had your personal chart and reading done, you cannot possibly know how powerful you really are. Some things are devastating to know. Many of us who are not yet evolved enough avoid this knowing because it would upset the “unbalance” of their lives.

I’ve lived in and traveled around the states and abroad before settling in Seattle, WA.  Yogi, Equestrian, struggling artist and mother, I care about the working poor,  gender issues and health care in our country and beyond.

My intention is to serve humanity by doing good works helping people,  making a good living without  having my stomach churn doing things I don’t believe in and so should you. That’s personal power, get some today.